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3 Top Cures For Sweaty Feet

Do you know any cure for sweaty feet? Due to the sweaty feet, you cannot remove your footwear in front of others. This is the result of unusual sweating experience that can be called excessive sweating. This health issue is recognized as the hyperhidrosis. This is due to the sweat glands. These glands get over stimulate and excrete unnecessary sweat. Using home remedies helps reducing foot odor and sweating. If you drink more water it will help to purify the body from salts and harmful minerals. Drinking plenty of water is the best home remedy to get rid of water retention.  There are some medicines in the market for this purpose. To get rid of this problem, you need to go for the special treatment.

Harms of the Sweaty Feet

  1. It can create the situation of dehydration.
  2. It leads to intoxication the more fatal condition.
  3. If you have abnormal swelling in hands, face or feet then it can be due to the malfunction of kidneys. Your excretory system does not work properly. The toxins are not excreted from your body and included again into the bloodstream.
  4. Metabolic function of the body will be affected due to fluid retention.
  5.  Due to excessive sweating on feet, you may have bad odor as well.

How to Cure Excessive Sweaty Feet?

Green Tea

Tea is a catalyst for passing time. It contains no side-effects. Due to its eco-friendly farming, it is safe for people of all ages. You can increase fun of your busy hours by taking this tea. It will keep you energetic and fresh all the time. Green tea is the best option to keep body functions up-to-date. You will love using this because it stops the activation of the sweat glands.


Juice is very important to keep your body energetic and reduce the toxins from the body. This is the right option to maintain your body in proper working condition.

  •         It energizes the body and decreases the fatigue.
  •         It helps in high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and heart disorders.
  •         It decreases internal impurities of skin and supports it with glowing and clear skin


Sweaty Feet is not a harmful condition but if it is unusual then you need a doctor’s advice. Ask your doctor to get rid of this issue. There are several medicines that are safe and secure for the human.

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