90 day dental assistant

All About 90 Day Dental Assistant Course

A 90 day dental assistant course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful as dental assistants. Students will learn how to work with patients, schedule appointments, and assist with treatment.

The course typically takes three months and includes on-the-job training in a dental clinic or office.

What will you learn in this course?

A dental assistant course is usually 1-2 years long, depending on the school you attend. It includes classes like dental health, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, laboratory skills, and more.

The dental assisting field is very diverse. There are lots of different things you can learn about in a dental assistant course.

You will learn how to be a lab technician and sterilize the equipment for a dentist.

You will also learn about cosmetic dentistry which includes making fillings or repairing teeth with crowns or bridges.

And lastly, there is patient care which involves communicating with patients to help them feel as comfortable as possible before treatment starts.

90 day dental assistant

What is the 90-day dental assistant course curriculum like?

The curriculum for the dental assistant course includes a variety of topics that cover all aspects of dentistry. You will learn how to clean and sterilize instruments, as well as how to take x-rays. In addition, you will also learn about dental anatomy and physiology as well as dental materials.

This course is taught by a qualified instructor who has experience in the field. The course is designed to give students both hands-on training and theory study so they can apply their skills in a clinical setting after graduating from this program.

After completing the course, dental assistants can begin working immediately in dental offices.

How much does this course program cost?

The cost of the program is $2,995. This is a comprehensive dental assistant program designed for students who have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent certificate. This time period allows students to complete and graduate from this dental assistant program in 3 months or less.

90-Day Dental Assistant Program:

  •         The course includes 1,250 hours worth of instructional videos and ebooks which will be delivered through an online portal and available 24/7.
  •         Hands-on clinical training (which will be done at an outpatient facility)
  •         Lectures with live presentations
  •         Study materials such as textbooks and workbooks
  •         Access to resources such as lab equipment, mannequins, and equipment needed for clinical training

So if you are also planning to enroll in a 90 day dental assistant course, you should read this guide and know the things that are important to know before enrolling in this course.

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