Baby Sleep Regression

A Guide to Baby’s First Year of Sleep

Do your babies face sleeping issues at night? How do you overcome their sleeping issues? The first year is quite challenging for babies when it comes to sleeping. In this article, we will talk about baby sleep regression and their problems. How to fix the sleep issues during night time? The first 3 months are critical when we look at the sleeping issues of babies. Newborn babies often face sleeping issues at night. The process continues for up to three months, but in most cases sleep problem extends. How do you handle sleep problems? Of course, you want your baby to get proper sleep at night. You don’t want to disturb the routine of your baby whenever it comes to planning night sleep. In some cases, we see newborns fall into sleep sound and in the next hour they wake up. This is quite embarrassing for parents.

Many parents experience disturbance in the sleep of their babies, so they have to show patience while sleeping their newborns. Keeping in view the sleeping issues, parents have to feed them timely, especially when they are not able to sleep at night. Make sure your newborn sleeps up to 12 hours at night, the sleep time should not be reduced. 12-hour sleep is an ideal sleep time for a newborn. The nap time of a newborn should not be disturbed. Importantly, three-hour sleep is also perfect, as your baby needs to feed right after three hours of sleep. When your baby sleeps for up to three hours and doesn’t wake up, then you should wake up your kid for feed. It means your baby is healthy, but if you face constant sleeping disorders, then get ready for the instant feed and be ready to give proper time to your kid.

Another sleeping issues arise with the babies that are above 4 months. If your baby ranges between 4 to 6 months, your baby learns how to sleep in such a time phase. However, you keep baby sleep problems aside and start teaching your babies the ways to fall asleep. Importantly, your babies also need a proper feed at such time. Don’t forget to feed your kid that reaches up to 6 months. Also, if your baby sleeps for 2 hours in the day, it’s fine. Further, people face challenges in the baby’s sleep for up to 12 months. It takes time to develop sleeping habits in a baby.

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