bathroom grab bars

Is It Vital For An Ageing Family To Have Bathroom Grab Bars?

Bathroom Safety is Critical for Senior Citizens, for which using bathroom grab bars are ideal. Even famous television ads remind us of how hazardous restrooms can be. For example, if you’ve ever watched a game show, you’ve probably seen Life Alert’s commercial portraying an older lady who has “fallen and can’t get up.” When aging bodies are harmed, they may never recover to their pre-accident level of fitness and physical ability, so avoiding an accident in your home is vital if you want to keep independence for yourself or your loved ones as they age.

Everyone Benefits from Grab Bars!

Bath grab bars provide a spot for you to reach out and retain your weight if your feet fall out from under you. You may also consider bathroom safety rails for it. Nobody likes to be in a situation where they have to depend on a safety grab bar, but it is always preferable to be prepared and have your bathroom outfitted with proper safety equipment.

Safety And Convenience

For maximum safety and convenience, use at least three of the bathroom grab bars. To make your bathroom flooring as safe as possible, use a mix of grab bars, textured floor surfaces, and shower seats/bath lifts to limit the chance of falling. However, there are methods to increase the usefulness of grab bars on their own; you only need to place them correctly.

bathroom grab bars

Begin by installing one grab bar outside the bathtub or shower, where you or a loved one will undress before bathing. This will provide him or her with a place to stand while removing garments in case spilled water or condensation makes your bathroom floor slippery. Having bathroom safety rails is also essential.

Second, install a grab bar on one of the sidewalls of your bathtub or shower stall; this bar should be positioned at an angle and will give a location for your loved ones to balance themselves when they enter the tub or shower.

Finally, a grab bar should run down the back of your bathtub or shower cubicle; these bathroom grab bars serve mainly as a spot to grasp for in the event of an accident. With the average age of the population increasing year after year, numerous companies have arisen to cater to the demands of senior clients who desire to age gracefully in their own homes. For more information visit our Website.

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