dental crowns gold coast

Enhance Your Smile With The Help Of Dental Crowns Gold Coast

Looking for dental crowns Gold Coast?  A dental crown is a customizable tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth either for protection or cosmetic enhancements. Mainly, dental crowns Gold Coast is meant to help restore the tooth’s shape, size, and strength. The crown completely encases the visible section of the tooth above the jawline.

Best Time To Go For Dental Crowns Gold Coast

There are many different situations when you may require dental crowns. The following are some reasons why you should visit your dentist for dental crowns:

  • Restore the tooth’s broken structure or worn out tooth
  • Fill the cavities in a decayed tooth
  • To enhance appearance in cosmetic enhancements
  • Put on top of a dental implant
  • Cover misshaped or discolored teeth

Dental Crowns and Teeth Whitening

If you’re considering teeth whitening Gold Coast, you should know that your dentist will always ensure that your teeth are healthy. If fillings or crowns are needed, the dentists will inform you that these must be done before the whitening process. Next, the dentist will assess how discolored and stained your teeth are to inform you about the needed sessions and the cost involved.

dental crowns gold coast

Types of Dental Crowns

There are many types of dental crowns available and made from all resin, all metals, all-ceramic, or all-porcelain. The material you choose for your tooth or teeth will depend on your preference and the advice you may get from your dentist.


The metals used to make dental crowns include various metal alloys such as gold alloys and base-metal alloys like nickel. The amount of the tooth your dentist will remove for the placement of a metal crown is less than other types of crowns. Metal crowns are popular for their tolerance to wear, which means they are long-lasting.

They are also able to withstand chewing and biting. On the downside, however, you may not like their color. But they are mostly utilized on molars.


These dental crowns types are more popular for being affordable than other crowns. The problem is that they tend to face issues with wear over time. Additionally, fractures are common in this type of crown.


All porcelain dental crowns are liked for their natural color match. The crowns happen to be the best option for people suffering from metal allergies. However, these types of crowns tend to wear down faster than metal and resin crowns. All-porcelain crowns are mostly installed on front teeth.


You don’t have to feel bad when you smile. Enhance your smile and raise your confidence high by going for dental crowns Gold Coast. You can also consider teeth whitening and all these procedures will be done at affordable costs.

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