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Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Regression In Babies

Most people are unaware of the term sleep regression until they have a baby in the house. You probably might be thinking by now what is baby sleep regression? If you are a new parent then you might be experiencing some irregular sleep patterns in your baby. Yes, that cry after every 20 minutes of sleep is due to sleep regression. So let us look at sleep regression in detail.

What is sleep regression?

Sleep regression is a period during which your baby starts waking up in the middle of the night or maybe skips naps every now and then for no apparent reason. Each baby is different from the other which is why they all experience such regressions at different ages. Your baby might be sleeping well for the first few weeks or months even but then suddenly will stop taking naps and you will be back to square one with the sleep patterns.

When and why does sleep regression occurs?

The reason behind sleep regression is still unknown but it is believed that it is caused by some kind of discomfort. So if your baby is going through some physical or hormonal changes then he or she might show signs of sleep regression. The best way to get an idea about what is going on is to visit a baby sleep consultant.

Different babies show sleep regression at different ages but the most common one is the four month sleep regression. That is the time when most babies start ditching their baby sleep patterns and develop adult sleep patterns which is why they won’t be taking regular day naps and will frequently wake up during the night.

Other than this you have experience nine month sleep regression, eleven months sleep regression, eighteen months sleep regression and even two years sleep regression. Remember each kid is different so there is quite a variety that we have noticed. Don’t worry if your baby shows different sleep regression patterns just consult the doctor and you would be good to go.

How to get past sleep regression?

Sleep regression can be frustrating for the parents and especially for the working moms and dads. I mean you thought you were done with the sleepless nights but it had started again. Well there are certain tips that you can practice to get through it. Some of them are;

  • Offer extra feedings to the baby
  • Avoid developing new habits and go with the old comfort zone
  • Ask your partner to help you out
  • Send the kid early to bed to avoid overtiredness

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