Foster care centres provide protection and care services to children in crises. Working with a clear motive to support young persons and children who are unable to or cannot live with their real family, for a variety of reasons. In this regard, Foster care Lismore centres have set the goal to prevent those children and young persons from being neglected. These centres provide care services by arranging suitable and qualified foster families for these children in need.

This organisation has planned many important things for both carers and for the affected children, such as:

  • The arrangement of foster care training sessions for carers which are, conveniently, held regularly throughout the year.
  • These sessions are specifically held to increase the knowledge of carers on how they can provide better facilities and support to the young people and children who are going to live with them, ensuring the best experience for all involved. 
  • The team members who conduct these sessions are highly trained and skilled to train the carers. Foster carer training Casino ensures that you are prepared and qualified to welcome new additions to your family, albeit temporary.
  • Foster Care Lismore organises foster carer training and plans a schedule to train the prospective carers. It is also advisable that even experienced trainers re attend training often to ensure their skills and knowledge are always up to date, ensuring they provide the best experience possible for the children in their care.
  • These sessions are often set with a target that they will become a skill to the carer at the time of leaving the foster care training centre. They will also provide relevant and reliable sources for more information, should the carer want or need to learn more.

These training can motivate foster carers: 

All these steps are taken for the betterment of the types of young people and children that enter the foster care system. Attending the training can help new carers become motivated by former carers in Foster care Lismore centres. Through sharing their beautiful experience of supporting and nurturing the helpless children and teenagers for a long time. They will explain their feelings that how incredible the experience is to see someone growing under your supervision and getting ready for a better life. These organisations arrange the new carers who can manage to give proper attention and basic facilities to the affected children easily.