Directly Connects Patients With Surgeons

How Robotics Has Revolutionized The Medical Field With Directly Connecting The Patients With Surgeons

It seems everybody, nowadays, is suffering from some kind of ailment and some sort of medical problem. A number of oral medicines are available to treat some common disease but in some cases, surgery is needed to deal with certain types of medical issues. For example, in most cases, heart surgery is recommended by surgeons when someone suffers from an obstruction in one or more blood arteries that supply blood to the heart. But surgery is not always the first choice as it involves a lot of preparation, risks and healing time. Always stay in contact with you to ask the surgeon about complications of surgery. Thanks to technological advances, an app is available which directly connects patients with surgeons even from home.  With the use of telepresence, a surgeon can conduct surgery on a patient even without being physically in the same place.

This is a robotic system with one or more arms, a sensor and a controller which is completely controlled by the surgeon. This robotic system enables surgeons to conduct the most complex procedures with perfection and more flexibility as compared to traditional surgical methods.  In traditional surgical methods, surgeons had to make larger incisions but in robotic surgery, the cuts are very small. For instance, an old tradition open heart surgery method, the surgeon has to initially make a cut of almost 12 inches and split breast to approach the heart for treatment. All of these diverse processes increase the risk of infection and enlarge the recovery time. Compared to this, robotic surgery requires many small incisions for access to the heart. Smaller incisions mean less loss of blood and rapid recovery. With old surgical methods, Surgeons tire early but in robotic surgery, they do not tire as quickly. Therefore, they can work for a longer time period.

A Canadian surgeon has performed many surgeries on patients in North Bay by sitting 400 km far in Hamilton by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with shared bandwidth. However, it can be bettered with dedicated bandwidth. So using an improved version of the technology with more powerful computers can do the job in a wonderful manner. That is why robotic surgery is becoming more popular as it directly connects the patients with surgeons around the globe. This is not an affordable sort of treatment for middle class so efforts can be made to bring this surgical option into everybody’s financial reach.


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