massage therapy Sydney

Various Forms of Massage Therapy Sydney

Today, there are so many types of massage therapy. However, the most practiced massage therapy Sydney includes modalities such as Swedish massage, acupressure, deep tissue massage, sports massage, reflexology, and chair massage. Acupressure massage therapy is done based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories. It’s used on people as a form of equine and canine massage.

This massage therapy utilizes meridian therapy as a guide to depressing the main points on the body to relieve tension and blockages and to restore the energy flow to the body. Massage therapy is believed to restore balance and boost natural healing capabilities.

Other Forms of Massage Therapy Sydney


This type of massage has its roots in Oriental medicine. Certain reflected zones or areas of the foot sole correlate to specific organs in the body. By applying pressure to these reflex zones, it’s believed that these corresponding organ systems can be stimulated to bring healing. While this kind of massage therapy is commonly used on the feet, reflexology is also done on the face, hands, and body.

Sport Massage

Sports massage may be helpful to the athlete as a preventive therapy and health maintenance regimen. This kind of massage includes a wide range of other touch therapies such as cross-fiber therapy, compression, hydrotherapy, and pressure point techniques, among others. Sports massage therapy can also be administered to animals.

massage therapy Sydney

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is a foundational bodywork therapy that is taught in many healing arts and massage schools today. It’s a deep muscle therapeutic massage Sydney meant to work the connective tissues and muscles for tension and chronic pain relief.

Chair Massage Therapy

This kind of therapy is most referred to as seated massage. Nowadays, this massage is commonly used in corporate functions, airports, and shopping malls. To be administered this type of bodywork; you’ll need to sit in a chair in an upright position.

Final Thought

If you’re interested in finding the best massage therapy program, you can get started in professional training in fast-growing industries like cosmetology, natural healing, oriental medicine, acupuncture, and others. There are many physical rewards of getting a massage but there are also marked emotional benefits.

Many people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and mood disorders have reported to feel more emotionally apt and ready to get on their feet after undergoing massage therapy Sydney. Undoubtedly, this reputable practice has proven to promote good health.

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