fertility specialist in south africa

Resolving the Issues of Infertility

If you’ve been attempting unsuccessfully to conceive a baby, you might be wondering when exactly is the most ideal time to seek the advice of the best fertility specialist in South Africa. There’s a popular belief that infertility is uncommon and only encountered by a few people. However, that’s not true. Statistics tell that up to 17% of all couples attempting to conceive experience infertility problems.

Infertility in Women

That’s compounded by the rising number of women trying to get pregnant when they are in the early years of their life. While conception at the age of ’30s and ’40s is common, it’s not always easy because of the decreased fertility in women as they age.

Many conditions could lead to infertility making couples need to seek out the advice of fertility specialist in South Africa. As mentioned, the age of a woman can cause a decrease in her healthy egg production. Additionally, a hormone disorder known as polycystic ovarian syndrome could be another cause of infertility. Low progesterone could be another cause of infertility.

Infertility in Men

Men can experience infertility issues too. Some of the usual aspects or factors that can cause infertility in men to include:

  • Poor Sperm quality
  • Low sperm count
  • Ejaculation disorder

Consulting a fertility specialist in South Africa may surely help in pinpointing the precise cause of your fertility issues. The specialist is going to likely start your evaluation by performing a comprehensive physical examination and reviewing the history of your sexual activity as a couple.

Prescription Medication

Next, the specialist may consider prescription medication or an IVF procedure. However, before reaching that extent, it’s worthwhile to try other fertility treatment methods like herbal and vitamin supplements. Another factor that could lead to low fertility is general poor health, which might be mitigated by an exercise and diet program.

Lifestyle and Health-related Issues

All lifestyle-related and health-related issues should be considered before performing an expensive procedure that might not be entirely impactful. The best fertility specialist in South Africa is caring and will advise you accordingly. This, he will tell you all about these other procedures to ensure that you don’t waste your time and money on procedures that might otherwise be ineffective.


A lot of effort and time may be invested in the treatment of infertility and if conception isn’t achieved, it would then be a waste of time. Instead, you ought to choose less invasive natural products, which are simply as likely to be effective and with a minimum investment. Consulting the fertility specialist in South Africa can help to ensure you’re making the right decisions and receiving the best treatment.

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