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The convenience of Outpatient Healthcare Service in the Treatment of Addiction

One of the reasons why outpatient healthcare services such as Day hospital Fourways have become very popular is because of their liberal nature. With this treatment, a patient can stay at their homes and visit the centre at regular intervals. As the patients visit the centre, they are provided with services that last a few hours.  

The primary form of day or outpatient treatment when it comes to addiction normally lasts for at most ten hours per week. With that, the addict requires visiting the centre three or four days throughout the week and each season will be at most four hours long.  

Aim of Day Treatment Programs

Such treatment programs aim to counsel the client in a way that they get out of their addiction voluntarily. Also, it involves finding out the many reasons which forced an individual to get into the addiction to a particular substance. In this treatment program, the addicts get to learn ways of dealing with those issues.

The general form of Day hospital Fourways, like most outpatient facilities is quite mild naturally. It’s designed for those patients who aren’t in a very serious addiction state. The addicts ought not to be having any physical complications and should also be mentally strong to abstain from the abuse of the substance.

Intensive Addiction Treatment

Intensive addiction treatment takes longer. In this program, the patient is subject to many hours of counselling sessions. Even in the treatment module, counselling forms an important part but the extra feature such as group sessions may be added. The group therapies administered in the outpatient facilities such as day hospital Fourways include many addicts who are in the same addiction stage. All of them get lesions on ways of coping with the hard conditions and they also learn ways of controlling their temptations for the addictive drugs.  

What’s included in an Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

The outpatient addiction treatment program involves daily visits of a patient to the treatment centre. Generally, the things included in this program include individual counselling, adequate medication, and group therapy. The treatment methodology includes flexibility timing, which lets the addicts visit the day hospital Fourways according to his or her convenience. That ensures that the addicts can maintain their obligations to the society as well. 


In conclusion, individuals suffering from mild to severe addiction issues can opt for an outpatient treatment program and enjoy positive benefits. Day hospital Fourways offers outpatient healthcare services that are not only convenient but also cost-effective.

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