Double Chin Treatment

Various Treatment Options Available For The Double Chin Reduction

Many people that struggle with their weight have to deal with a double chin or excess facial fat. Most of them find facial fat embarrassing and wonder how they can get rid of it. Clothing can hide most pudgy areas a person may have. Excess facial fat cannot be covered up, though. A double chin is exposed for everyone to see and it becomes an embarrassing feature for many overweight people. There are some things you can do if you struggle with this problem, that can help you get rid of an unsightly double chin. The double chin treatment options can vary, and some of the procedures are invasive.

The basic procedures that can help to reduce the double chin:

You should first try a variety of exercises that may help you tone the skin around your face and neck. Most of these exercises start with you bending your head as far back as you can. Find a wall or door to lean your head against. Once in position, open and close your mouth slowly several times. You know you are doing this right when you can feel the muscles tense in your neck and chin area. If this method does not work for you, there are some injections that may help. The procedure is referred to as Lipodissolve.

A doctor injects the area with a type of medication. It dissolves fat over a period of time. This double chin treatment procedure takes a while to work because your body will need time to reject and eliminate unwanted fat cells. Once the medication begins working, your body will view fat cells as intruders and will eliminate them altogether. You could also try an ultrasound treatment, which is non-invasive. This procedure is very similar to the ultrasounds performed on pregnant women. The waves used in this procedure, however, are much stronger. The ultrasound waves heat fat cells, dissolving them from your body. After this treatment is performed, dissolved cells rarely return.

Non-surgical laser surgery can also be helpful to treat double chin problem:

This double chin treatment is the most expensive among all the other surgical procedures. It would cost you thousands of dollars to undergo this operation but likely the most effective and the fastest. You would not have to undergo slices as the laser takes care of melting the fat and tightening the skin. However, local anesthesia is still needed so using a chin strap is also required after the non-surgical laser treatment. Double chin surgery should always be your last resort when opting to remove that double chin that is bugging you all these years.

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